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7th Padma Do-ngag Tanzin

Gyatrul Pema Dongag Tenzin was born in the year 1830 in Gyalmo Tsawa Rong. During his childhood, he performed many wonderful entertainments as a form of play like standing on the tip of an upright sword. Karma Gyurmed recognized him as the emanation of Kunzang Sherab and invited him to Palyul monastery. At the feet of Khedrub Karma Gyurmed, he received and practiced Dzogchen Sangye Lakchang (Great Perfection-Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand), Tsa lung (the Practice of Channels and Winds), Gyuthrul Sang Nying (Secret Essence of Illusory Manifestation), and so forth. Because of this, realization of reality took birth in his heart and he attained mastery over bodhichitta. He received full ordination from Situ Pema Nyinjed Wangpo. After he took responsibility of the Palyul monastery, many lineage holders came up who were both learned and accomplished, because of the uninterrupted kama, terma and pure vision teachings including empowerments, oral transmissions, and instructions of the Nyingma tradition. He had produced many masterpieces including commentaries on both the kama and terma, the Translated Words of Buddha Sakyamuni (Kagyur) and their commentaries (Tengyur). Therefore, accomplishing extensive deeds for the teachings and benefit of sentient beings. Finally, at the age of 63 in the year 1892, his bodily form dissolved into the dharmadhatu.